March 2014 Sermon Series

by Bob K on February 23, 2014



 TITLE: Three Ways Okay

TEXT: Matthew 18:15-35

TOPIC: What is the way to be okay with people of whom there have been problems?  In this first of a five-part series we will discover God’s blessing of forgiveness that goes beyond reconciliation with others.



TITLE: Three Ways Stay

TEXT: 1 Corinthians 13:1-13

TOPIC: How would you like to have an excellent way that stays with people?  In this second of a five-part series we will discover the ingredients of lasting relationships.


MARCH 16th

 TITLE: Three Ways Pray

TEXT: Luke 11:1-13

TOPIC: How would you like to pray in a way God answers?  In this third of a five-part series we will discover the eager generosity of the Lord to bless us when we request of Him.


 MARCH 23rd

TITLE: Three Ways Relay

TEXT: Luke 22:19-34

TOPIC: Have you ever wanted to relay the way of God yet did wrong—something really wrong instead?  In this fourth of a five-part series we will discover how our redemption and renewal by the Lord can have tremendous affect on others.


MARCH 30th

 TITLE: Three Days A.D.

TEXT: Matthew 27:57—28:20

TOPIC: Why is the resurrection of Jesus only three days after His crucifixion vital to the existence of mankind?  In this finale of a five-part series we will discover what to do about the good news of Christ in a world gone bad.

Special Event

March 1, 2014

On Friday, March 28th at 6:30PM join us for an interesting video presentation titled “Evolution Vs. God-Shaking the Foundations of Faith”. Is the battle Science versus God or is it a battle of faiths. What do scientists from top universities say when asked to give the most compelling evidence they can for Darwinian Evolution? This […]

February 2014 Sermon Series

January 27, 2014

“TWO”     FEBRUARY 2nd   TITLE: Two For One: “Future Investments” TEXT: Matthew 6:19-34 TOPIC: Are you a slave to money or is it serving you?  In this first of a four-part series we will discover how to invest in the future instead of worrying about it.     FEBRUARY 9th   TITLE: Two As […]

New Weekly Ladies Bible Study

January 18, 2014

Time: Tuesdays at 9:30AM Theme: “Holiness, holiness…is what I long for” Place: Prescott Valley Christian Church building If this speaks to your heart, please join your sisters in Christ each week as they encourage and support each other to “Strive…for the holiness without which no one will see the Lord”. (Heb. 12:14)

December 2013 Sermon Series

November 28, 2013

“GIFTS FROM GOD”    DECEMBER 1st TITLE: Gifts From God: “Success” TEXT: Romans 12:1-21 TOPIC: What is the measure of true success?  In this first of a four-part series we will discover why God gifts His followers for spiritual service that matters for eternity.      DECEMBER 8th TITLE: Gifts From God: “Satisfaction” TEXT: Ecclesiastes […]

Senior Singles Event

November 24, 2013

The Peridot Chime Choir will present Christmas Music at the Peridot (211 Bradshaw; Prescott) at 3PM. We will meet at 2PM to car pool to The Peridot. Sign up at the Welcome Center or call the office at 928-772-7364. The event is free!

November Operation Multitude Results

November 24, 2013

Many thanks for your generous offerings! Here is a list of what we took to the food bank: 24 mixed vegetables 12 cans of pineapple 34 cranberry sauce 9 yams 10 boxes of sugar 11 Jell-O 37 corn 9 pumpkin pie mix 14 chicken broth 14 stuffing mixes 31 cream soups 2 bags of marshmallows 41 […]

Night In Bethlehem

November 24, 2013

We invite you to this FREE memory making event for all ages on Saturday, December 14th between 1:00 – 4PM at the church (7655 E Long Look Drive; PV) Experience the wonder of the Stable and the excitement of the Marketplace with make-and-take gifts and delicious food. Help prepare a community quilt to be given […]

Treat Trunk 2013!

October 28, 2013

Please come and enjoy Treat Trunk 2013, October 31st, in the Prescott Valley Christian Church parking lot. From 4PM to 6PM there will be people in costumes handing out candy from creatively decorated vehicles.

November Operation Multitude

October 28, 2013

Our November Operation Multitude collection will be for Thanksgiving Dinner food items. This year our donations will be going to the Yavapai Food Bank to help with the over 1,200 families they assist with a Thanksgiving Meal. Here are some suggested items, but everything is needed so your generosity will bless no matter what you […]