Vacation Bible School

June 1, 2017

VBS: Operation Arctic – Exploring the Coolest Book on the Planet! Join us in July and August on Sundays and/or Wednesdays for this great adventure. Beginning Sunday, July 9 at 10A and Wednesday, July 12 from 6-8P.   Come explore: Check out the Bible’s unique qualities that set it apart from all other books  Discover […]

May 2017 Sermon Series

May 7, 2017

“MOTHER’S DAY”   MAY 7th  Title: Mother’s Day: A Grave Request Text:  Mark 12:18-27 Topic: In this first of a four-part series we will discover how to be insightful now about life here and in the hereafter.       MAY 14th  (Mother’s Day)  Title: Mother’s Day: A Great Request Text:  Mark 10:35-45/Matthew 20:20-28 Topic: In this […]

April 2017 Sermon Series

April 2, 2017

“RESURRECTING FAITH”    APRIL 2nd  Title: Resurrecting Faith: “A Creation Call” Text: Mark 16:9-20 Topic: In this first of a five-part series we will discover how Jesus responds to lack of faith and what He calls us to do about it in resurrecting faith.     APRIL 9th  Title: Resurrecting Faith: “A Road Reckoning”  Text: Luke […]

March 2017 Sermon Series

February 26, 2017

“GOD’S PREPARATION & PROVISION”  MARCH 5th  Title: God’s Preparation & Provision: “Moses—Simple Shepherd, Shackle Breaker” Text: Exodus 2—14 Topic: It’s never too late for the Lord do great things through you.  In this first of a four-part series we will discover how God’s preparation and provision turns Moses late in his life from a simple […]

February 2017 Sermon Series

February 4, 2017

“LOVING THE LORD”   FEBRUARY 5th  (DVD: John Maxwell on Prayer Partners)      FEBRUARY 12th Title: Loving The Lord: “Loving His Christ” Text: John 14:15-24 Topic: Who does Jesus consider a true follower of Him and blesses them for it?   In this first of a three-part series we will discover how Jesus determines who loves […]

January 2017 Sermon Series

January 1, 2017

“THE NEW”   JANUARY 1st   (Substitute Speaker: Rick Merrill)     JANUARY 8th   Title: The New Life Text: Romans 6:1-14 Topic: In this first of a four-part series we will discover how to be alive and free through the new life in Jesus Christ.    JANUARY 15th   Title: The New Name Text: Revelation […]

December 2016 Sermon Series

November 24, 2016

“CHRISTMAS ATTITUDE” DECEMBER 4th  Title: Christmas Attitude: “A Humble Servant” Text: Luke 1:26-56 Topic: Scripture reveals that the Lord blesses the humble.  In this first of a four-part series we will discover how to find favor with God through the “Christmas Attitude” of humility. DECEMBER 11th Title: Christmas Attitude: “Humble Shepherds” Text: Luke 2:1-20 Topic: […]

November 2016 Sermon Series

October 22, 2016

“GREAT AGAIN” NOVEMBER 6th  Title: Make Life Great Again Text: John 3:1-36 Topic: In this first of a four-part series we will discover how to be great by being less about ourselves and more about Christ and His gospel of salvation.   NOVEMBER 13th Title: Make Life Hopeful Again Text: 1 Corinthians 15:1-28/1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 […]

October 2016 Sermon Series

October 1, 2016

“QUESTIONING GOD” (A nine-part series)  OCTOBER 2nd  Title: Questioning God: “Why The Testing?” (Pt 5 of 9) Text: Deuteronomy 8:1-20 Topic: Scripture teaches that in this world we will have trouble.  In this fifth of a nine-part series we will discover why there are times of testing and how to respond so it may go […]

September 2016 Sermon Series

September 11, 2016

“QUESTIONING GOD” (A nine part series)   SEPTEMBER 4th  Title: Questioning God: “Does The Lord Owe Us Something?” (Pt 1 of 9) Text: Romans 11:33—12:2 Topic: Scripture teaches that God blesses obedience.  However, just because we do what’s right does this mean the Lord owes us something?  In this first of a nine-part series we […]