Ministry – A step towards love & belonging

October 3, 2010

Have you ever wondered where you fit in?  Ever walked away from a church saying “I just don’t connect″?  Have you ever felt isolated in a crowd?  Fact is until you engage in service in a local congregation you are just on the fringe of the family of God.  You haven’t really committed to loving the family to whom you now belong.  Service connects us with new friends.  It crosses age barriers from youth to adult to senior.  It takes color and ethnicity out of the picture all together.  It allows for the purpose and love of Christ to be show among his people.  For PVCC – do you realize that it takes about 40 people to make a single worship service flow smoothly?  Were you aware that it takes between 2-5 volunteers each week to keep the office staff from being overworked?  Did you know that we have on average of 8-10 volunteers in each week doing multiple projects from building maintenance to finances from leading youth to making meals?  Each of these servants have found a niche and that special place where they are needed, appreciated, loved and belong.  So what are you waiting for?

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