Operation Multitude-Military Families

August 17, 2012

The collection on Sunday, September 9 is for Prescott Military Families.

They are a group of mostly mothers, but include all family members, and support our military past and present. Their mission is to support active military, veterans, and each other. The group meets once a month.

Twice a year they send out packages to soldiers who are deployed. These are not only their family members but other soldiers they hear about who need some TLC from home. One of their mother’s has a son who is a chaplin and he gave them a list of names which they used this year to send out Easter cards.

They plan on sending out Christmas packages and Christmas cards to deployed military. As military families, they know how much each soldier has to sacrifice and they want them to know they are appreciated and loved back home. Watch for their upcoming list of items they request for inclusion in their packages.

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