April 2014 Sermon Series

April 19, 2014




TITLE:  Meeting Jesus: “Four Months More”

TEXT: John 4:28-42

TOPIC: Christmas and Easter season is conducive for sharing one’s faith with others.  However, the Lord teaches there is no time better than today.  In this first of a three-part series we will discover the way to talk to people that should interest them in meeting Jesus.


APRIL 13th

TITLE: Meeting Jesus: “Four Days Dead”

TEXT: John 11:1-57

TOPIC: Sometimes it is difficult to understand how if God loves us why bad things still happen.   In this second of a three-part series we will discover how the disappointment of death transforms into resurrection satisfaction when meeting Jesus.


APRIL 20th


 TITLE: Meeting Jesus: “For Everlasting Life”

TEXT: John 20:1-31

TOPIC: Why didn’t Christ remain in person on earth after His resurrection?  Wouldn’t life be better here for it?  In this finale of a three-part series we discover how the ascension makes possible the eternal blessing of meeting Jesus.



APRIL 27th

 (Youth Sunday: Ben Almand)

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