Blended Family Seminar

August 26, 2011

Blended Family Seminar: “God Help Me! I’m A Step Parent”

Saturday, October 29th from 9AM to noon

“Taking Flight To Your Destination Of Peace & Joy”

Session 1:  COMMUNICATION-Attitude Is Your Altitude

   1. Praying to God

   2. Encouragement and correction

   3. “Staying Above It”-Dealing with turbulent words and actions

 Session 2: PASSENGERS-Moving To First Class Relationships

   1. Loving your spouse as yourself

   2. Loving your step-child as your own

   3. Loving your spouse’s ex (Like Jesus or “as close as you can get”)

Session 3: BAGGAGE-Leaving The Guilt Terminal Behind

   1. Forgiveness From God

   2. Forgiving Others

   3. Forgiving Yourself

 This seminar is free of charge and open to everyone. Child care is provided. The registration deadline is October 23rd. Please call (928) 772-7364 to reserve your spot.

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