PVCC Teen LIFE – Mission: Drill a Well in Africa

March 29, 2016

Will you help us? 

This group wanted to make a difference in the world.  The best way we thought to do this was to offer a cup a cold water in the name of Jesus Christ (Mt 10:42).  To do this we decided to raise the funds to pay for drilling a well (in Africa, we hope)  through Christian Relief Fund (CRF).  We decided to gain the funds by collecting clothing.  The clothing goes to support the Big Brothers/Big Sisters (BB/BS) program in Prescott Valley and Prescott and throughout AZ.  In return, BB/BS returns to us $.20 per pound of clothing we send.  We will need to collect over 6000 lbs of clothes to help us reach our goal of $1250.00.  We will also be doing a yard sale on July 8th to help us raise any remaining funds.  For the yard sale, we are collecting household items.  When we reach our total goal of $2500, we have a local donor who has agreed to match our funds.   CRF has a matching  grant that will allow our $5000 to become $10000!  And with $10000 a well can be dug!

Donations can be dropped at the church on Sunday mornings (8A-11:30A) or Wednesday evenings (5:30-7:30P) or call to check on an available time during the week at 928-772-7364, ask for Eileen Showalter [if no answer, leave a message and Eileen will call you back ASAP].

Please check out these websites to learn more about CRF Well Project and BB/BS Programs.

–          https://christianrelieffund.org/water

–          http://azbigs.org/

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